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At present, the 2019 novel coronavirus, COVID-19, infection has spread all over the world. The damage due to the COVID-19 infection is extremely heavy, and our daily lives are starting to change. The COVID-19 infection will be a major factor that fundamentally changes society in the future. This disease has also seriously affected theatre, forcing changes to methods of rehearsal, performances, production and theatre management. The contents of theatrical works have also been seriously affected. The present age, in which the COVID-19 infection has spread globally, can be considered a critical point for theatre indeed.
The conference this time is being held with the theme of “Theatre at a Critical Point” due to the present situation of the world. On reviewing the 20th century, many decisive events are noted, including not only global-scale wars and revolutions, such as the Russian Revolution, World War I, World War II, the U.S.-Soviet Cold War, and the Iranian Revolution, but also an infinite number of political, economic, and cultural events that became crucial turning points of entire regions. Going forward, community, family, and personal events might become critical turning points in a given area, and we are reflecting now on how theatre coped with and overcame these critical points. The topics adopted in the coming conference will not be limited to the issues of the COVID-19 infection. Instead, we will examine how theatre has coped with and overcome events of import, both large and small, and their eras in the wide and long span of human history. Through these investigations, we may discern how theatre can prosper in the new era to come after the COVID-19 infection has been brought under control.
As mentioned above, the presentation themes are not limited to the COVID-19 infection or even related issues. We expect researchers to freely present the results of their own studies, from a wide range of topics.

Confirmation of Attendance: 15 July, 2020
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Paper Submission: 10 October, 2020
Please submit finished paper with 200 words abstract, only after mentorship by supervisor.

Submission guideline:
Abstract of 200 words, a brief biography of 100 words with affiliation data are required.
Finished paper have a maximum length of 3,500 – 4,000 words including citations.

posted on 2020/Jul/03